Want To Be Frozen In Carbonite?


Star Wars fans may already be familiar with Star Wars Weekends at Walt Disney World that take place in May. If you aren’t, basically it’s a Star Wars convention that ends up combining Darth Vader and Donald Duck. (In fact, look up some of the performances that take place during Star Wars Weekends on YouTube. They’re… interesting.)

Anyway, this year for SW Weekends, Disney is serving up personalized figurines of fans encased in carbonite like Han Solo. They’ll take a 3-D scan of your face and stick it on Han’s body. Hotness. From StarWars.com:

Each carbonite figurine is $99.95 (plus shipping). You can order additional figurines using the same image scan for $74.95 each. The replica figurine can be hung on a wall, just like the gangster Jabba the Hutt did inĀ Return of the Jedi. Guests also receive a light-up wristband.

So if you’re going to be in Florida and have $100 to spare after giving away a kidney to get into the park, you can hang yourself on a wall.

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