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Robot Always Beats You At Roshambo


Leave it to the Japanese to create a robot that has a 100% winning percentage at Rock-Paper-Scissors. Scientists at the Ishikawa Oku Laboratory have created a robot arm with sensors that react so quickly, it knows how your hand is going to move and will throw the defeating gesture every single time. Here’s what they […]

LEGO Prosthetic Arm


We have the LEGOs. We have the technology. We can rebuild him.

Water-Proof Your iPhone?


Don’t you just love living in the future? Not only can you, like, have a video chat on you phone, you can make movies, or take pretty pictures, or even update your friends with all the mundane crap you do every day that won’t mean a boring, long-ass phone call. Really though, what’s great about […]

Crossbow Shoots Buzz Saw Blades


Here’s your latest apocalypse preparation tool. Just in case it happens, I want this bad mammajamma: a crossbow that shoots tiny buzz saw blades and has a laser pointer for aiming. You ain’t getting near my stash of Ramen. No way.

5th Ave. Frogger


As someone who loves Frogger, this looks like a lot of fun. As they say, “We hacked a 1980’s Frogger Arcade so the cars you dodge are really driving down 5th Ave while you play.” Awesome.

iPhone Case Can Stop A .50 Caliber Ro...


Now, there’s no video of it taking a .50 caliber bullet, but this company claims that their “indestructible” iPhone case can withstand it. And, you know, just in case someone wants to shoot you, like, in the hip, you’ll have the case to take it. The product page is here (if you can read Japanese). […]

Paintball Sentry Wants To Shoot You I...


Now this should be everyone’s home security system: an automated sentry gun that shoots paintballs to ward off intruders. The guys over at Project Sentry Gun have set this puppy up to track and shoot at moving targets. Here’s what comes with it (from their site): An airsoft or paintball gun A webcam to find […]

The James Bond Theme Played By Robot ...


Much like the Tesla coils we showed you a while back, here are some flying robot quadrotors playing the theme from James Bond. Don’t you feel all spy-like, and stuff?

This Stripper Bot Is WATCHING YOU

stripper bot

Strippers are hot, right? Most of the time. (But you haven’t seen Larry’s Villa in Vegas, though. Trust me, you don’t. Really, you don’t.) But this stripper is a little different. She’s got a CCTV camera on for a head and a body straight out of I, Robot. It’s all for a video called “Virtual […]

The Robo-Glove: Just A Power Glove Wi...


GM and NASA have joined forces to start the Robot Apocalypse… no, they’ve teamed up to do a reboot of the classic Fred Savage flick The Wizard… no, wait. GM and NASA have recently shown off their newest venture, the K-Glove, also known as the Robo-Glove. As they describe it, it’s “a robotic glove that […]

Zen Box

With great power comes great porn.