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Disasterland: Adult Disney Characters...


Disney characters are best when they’re being nasty and naughty. But these characters from the Disasterland series by Mexican artist José Rodolfo Loaiza Ontiveros make your childhood memories into some too-real adult scars. Check out the whole set at the gallery website for more.

Skateboarding Tricks in Super Slow-Mo


We’re back! We know, it’s been awhile… we missed you, too. Here’s something that’s been making the rounds lately that we had to post. Cool skateboarding tricks filmed at 1000 fps! I leave being able to do this kind of thing to pros (which is why I learned my lesson by trying to skateboard and […]

This Is Cool: Flying R/C Dragon


Yes! Want! You too can live out your medieval/D&D/Lord Of The Rings fantasies with this R/C-controlled flying dragon. Just like an airplane, you can fly it around your neighborhood and your neighbors won’t get freaked out. Right? Here’s the dragon flying: And here’s the dragon breathing fire:

Mario Kart On Exercise Bike


I’d last about a minute on this thing – mostly because I love to play Mario Kart drunk (Oh, believe it. I have my Nintendo 64 at home), but I also need to work on, you know, being in shape. But this guy rigged an exercise bike to play Super Mario Kart. When he pedals, […]

The R2-D2 Turntable


Once upon a time, I wanted to be a DJ. It was mostly because I had a lot of CDs and made my friends drunkenly dance at parties in high school, but once college came around and I met people who actually knew music, I just put my headphones on and shut up. But if […]

5th Ave. Frogger


As someone who loves Frogger, this looks like a lot of fun. As they say, “We hacked a 1980’s Frogger Arcade so the cars you dodge are really driving down 5th Ave while you play.” Awesome.

1050-Piece Bacon Burger From Japan


what is this i don’t even

This Mall Fountain Shoots FIRE


Hey little mall rat, think the fountain at your hangout is cool? This fountain at the City Creek Center in Salt Lake City shoots fire. Yeah, that’s right, water and fire. Together. Water and flames and stuff. It was designed by the folks to did the Bellagio fountains in Las Vegas. Mormon joke, something something.

We’ve Always Been Bored With Te...


This comic from 100 years ago is actually more prescient than most people are today. Which just goes to show, maybe our great-grandparents were bored with, like, gramophones and cars before we became bored with iPods and smartphones. Kids today, eh? It actually reminds me of this bit that Louis CK talked about on Conan, […]



I know, the title probably sounds like it’s some pirate radio dude from some tiny town in the UK. But seriously: a bike-sharing service in Japan called COGOO put together a video a BMX trickster riding a bike that’s hacked to DJ software. They mounted a gyroscopic sensor on the bike and it sends signals […]

Zen Box

With great power comes great porn.