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Protect Your Eyes, Damage Your Liver


I wouldn’t necessarily call them beer goggles, but at least they’re good for multi-tasking. These airplane-grade aluminum sunglasses from Brewsees offer protection for your eyes while being able to open beer bottles. Nice.  

The Beerbulance Is Here!


Ever run out of beer and just can’t make it to the store? Ever been somewhere where beer is desperately needed? Call the Beerbulance! If only this could be in every city in America. In fact, it might be a good thing to have around before you call the Hangover Bus, right?

Infuse Beer With Randall Jr.


Leave it to the fine folks at Dogsfish Head Beer to create a handy beer infuser that you can fill with your own unique flavors. Randall The Enamel Animal is, according to founder Sam Clagione: “[T]he original gangster organoleptic hop transducing module. Basically, it’s a sophisticated filter system that allows the user to run draft […]

Classic Cocktail: Americano


This one’s been around for awhile. According to Wikipedia: The cocktail was first served in creator Gaspare Campari’s bar, Caffè Campari, in the 1860s. It was originally known as the “Milano-Torino” because of its ingredients: Campari, the bitter liqueur, is from Milan and Cinzano, the vermouth, is from Turin (Torino). In the early 1900s, the […]

Banned Booze In The U.S.


You know, just in case you were traveling somewhere in this great country of ours, here are the counties where alcohol is allowed, partially allowed, or even outright banned. Of course, if you live in a “wet” county, you might not be able to get alcohol any time of the night as opposed to, you […]

Classic Cocktail: Angel’s Tit


The story behind this drink is that it was a popular dessert cocktail during Prohibition. The name comes from the creme de cacao along with the half and half being angelic white with the cherry in the perfect spot. You’ll need: 1/4 oz white creme de cacao 1/4 oz maraschino liqueur 1/4 oz half and […]

Walk-In Beer Cooler. Need We Say More...


Now, granted, I come from a family that once owned a bar, so a walk-in full of beer is a wonder to behold… but imagine if you could have one in your house for realsies. The Brew Cave walk-in beer cooler and kegerator is here for all how beer chillin’ needs. At a cool (heh) […]

Classic Cocktail: Negroni

Negroni in the Light

Ah yes, the Negroni. Simple, easy, and guaranteed to get you nice and toasty after that horrible business meeting. You need: One part gin One part sweet red vermouth One part Campari Stir into glass over ice, garnish and serve.

Hangover Heaven Cures What Ails Ya


Living in Vegas is pretty awesome, because let’s face it: 24-hour access to everything can only be described as such. One of those 24-hour-accessible things is alcohol, and Vegas is definitely the place to be if you want to get wasted. So what one enterprising doctor got smart and started Hangover Heaven, a bus that […]

Instantly Freeze Your Beer


Science is awesome! Watch this bottle of Corona instantly turn to ice when its taken out of the freezer. How do you do it? If you want to see the actual effect, using clear bottles works best, but make sure you’re taking the right precautions before you try this out. Put a few unopened beer […]

Zen Box

With great power comes great porn.