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Disasterland: Adult Disney Characters...


Disney characters are best when they’re being nasty and naughty. But these characters from the Disasterland series by Mexican artist José Rodolfo Loaiza Ontiveros make your childhood memories into some too-real adult scars. Check out the whole set at the gallery website for more.

Re-Imagined Boba Fett Helmets


Check out these awesome re-designed Boba Fett helmets. They were created by different propmakers for the Make-A-Wish foundation and will be auctioned off at the Star Wars Celebration at the end of August. Get more info on the helmets at the As You Wish Project on Facebook.

Get Your Ed McMahon On With Hiyoooo.c...

Screen Shot 2012-07-23 at 11.49.37 AM

We miss Ed McMahon and his awesomeness, especially as Johnny Carson’s sidekick on The Tonight Show. What we miss the most was his reactions to all of Johnny Carson’s jokes and skits on the show (and even miss the late Phil Hartman’s impression of him just as much. Every have a joke that you just […]

Summer Hottie: Sophie Dee


What better way to celebrate the hot summer with a hot body in a bikini? God bless the Queen because Welsh hottie Sophie Dee has come to America to show us all her goodies, and her curves are in all the right places. Makes you want to jump in that kiddie pool, don’t it?

Robot Always Beats You At Roshambo


Leave it to the Japanese to create a robot that has a 100% winning percentage at Rock-Paper-Scissors. Scientists at the Ishikawa Oku Laboratory have created a robot arm with sensors that react so quickly, it knows how your hand is going to move and will throw the defeating gesture every single time. Here’s what they […]

Skateboarding Tricks in Super Slow-Mo


We’re back! We know, it’s been awhile… we missed you, too. Here’s something that’s been making the rounds lately that we had to post. Cool skateboarding tricks filmed at 1000 fps! I leave being able to do this kind of thing to pros (which is why I learned my lesson by trying to skateboard and […]

Protect Your Eyes, Damage Your Liver


I wouldn’t necessarily call them beer goggles, but at least they’re good for multi-tasking. These airplane-grade aluminum sunglasses from Brewsees offer protection for your eyes while being able to open beer bottles. Nice.  

Want To Be Frozen In Carbonite?


Star Wars fans may already be familiar with Star Wars Weekends at Walt Disney World that take place in May. If you aren’t, basically it’s a Star Wars convention that ends up combining Darth Vader and Donald Duck. (In fact, look up some of the performances that take place during Star Wars Weekends on YouTube. […]

This Is Cool: Flying R/C Dragon


Yes! Want! You too can live out your medieval/D&D/Lord Of The Rings fantasies with this R/C-controlled flying dragon. Just like an airplane, you can fly it around your neighborhood and your neighbors won’t get freaked out. Right? Here’s the dragon flying: And here’s the dragon breathing fire:

Hot R2-D2 Shorts


Yeah. That is all.

Zen Box

With great power comes great porn.