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Watch Batman Get Pulled Over By The C...

Screen Shot 2012-03-30 at 11.35.36 AM

You may have seen the pictures of the guy in the Batman suit who was driving a Lamborghini and got pulled over by the cops. (Turns out he wasn’t just a random crazy rich dude, but was actually heading to a DC-area hospital to visit some sick kids. Aw.) They finally released the dashboard camera […]

Drunk Guy Belts Out “Bohemian R...


I’m not gonna lie: one of the most enjoyable activities in the world is to watch drunk people making complete asses of themselves doing karaoke. What I’m also not gonna lie about is that I’ve been one of those people. However, since Queen is my favorite band, there is no way on Cthulu’s great earth […]

Classic Cocktail: Mojito


Sunday is April 1st, and I know, I don’t want to think about the fact that it’s April already, either. But on the bright side, it’s spring, right? Time to start breaking out the refreshing cocktails for the nicer weather. And one of the best ones is the classic mojito, Earnest Hemmingway’s favorite drink. What […]

XXX Big Lebowski Supercut: F*cking Wi...


Porn has parodied every single movie on the planet, right? I mean, you could turn any title into a porn title. (You’re already thinking “Pulp Friction,” right?) So of course The Big Lebowski has already been parodied. You might already be familiar with the “supercut,” a video remix that takes all different versions of a […]

Stunt Plane vs. Lamborghini: Go!

plane vs lambo

Ready for 8 seconds of awesome?

Awesome Bicycle Parkour Is Awesome


Aussies are crazy, didn’t you know that? Check out Andrew Dickey as he’s able to do some parkourĀ on his bike around Sydney, Australia. All he does it paint it black and goes hopping on and off some stuff. Some of them are in first person point of view, which almost made me pee my pants […]

52 Weeks With The Fetts: A Father �...


Jango and Boba Fett are two of the most mysterious father/son teams in sci-fi. But one person dared to ask, “What if Jango Fett did not lose his head on that fateful day, in the heat of the Geonosian arena?” It’s the question behind 52 Weeks With The Fetts, a weekly photo adventure with the […]

Star Wars Yoga


Some of us need to get our asses in shape. Some of us like Star Wars. Why not get some motivation to do some yoga with these posters? Come on, like you didn’t want to see Leia in her slave outfit doing the Downward Facing Dog.

This Stripper Bot Is WATCHING YOU

stripper bot

Strippers are hot, right? Most of the time. (But you haven’t seen Larry’s Villa in Vegas, though. Trust me, you don’t. Really, you don’t.) But this stripper is a little different. She’s got a CCTV camera on for a head and a body straight out of I, Robot. It’s all for a video called “Virtual […]

Dude, Be Really Careful Where Your Go...

Mail Attachment-4

WARNING: There is some gore below! So a guy went golfing and hit a ball into the water. Normally this wouldn’t be much of a problem, except the ball was a new Titleist, so it was going to cost a little bit of money to replace. He went in after it, not realizing that a […]

Zen Box

With great power comes great porn.